Discovery Puerto Nariño

Discovery Puerto Nariño

5 days and 4 nights journey visiting Puerto Nariño and surroundings, native communities like San Antonio (Perú), watching wildlife and birdlife in their natural environment, as well as Taraporto Lakes are part of this great experience.

  • Policies on sustainability.

    This project is based on 4 pillars that explicitly promise a radical change towards a real tourist sustainability.

    1. Wild species are visited only in their natural environment, not exposing them to direct contact with humans to avoid the vulnerability and disrespect through the abuse of technology and ‘animal selfie’.

    2. The local guides or 'baquianos' are mainly former hunters and former hunters who have decided to release their shotgun to tie a photographic camera and become image hunters in the jungle, promoting thus the respect to the natural environment visited by the tourists.

    3. Visits to the indigenous settlements are carried out respecting a tolerable loading capacity and that does not alter the form of life of these small communities. Visitors learn how they live today in Amazonas by carrying out the same activities accompanied by local guides and avoiding cultural exploitation in the region.

    4. Regional gastronomy is the main source of economic income for peasants and indigenous people in the Amazon. To achieve touristic sustainability, it is necessary to promote regional products only in the menu offered to tourists who come to visit a place full of biodiversity, where we can find hundreds of species and fruits that allow to provide an authentic experience in this aspect, reducing the environmental impact of each visit and opening new gastronomic fusion markets for responsible eco visitors in search of vegan, vegetarian and regional options.

  • Some Highlights

    Visiting sustainable and responsible villages near Puerto Nariño, letting visitors and locals enjoy an authentic experience. 

    Catching piranhas in Tarapoto lakes as well as watching some pink and grey dolphins living in this magnificent ecosystem. 

    Be part of our Plan Oxygen, planting and taking care of plants in the visited villages like San Antonio


    During DISCOVERY PUERTO NARIÑO visitors will discover mainly the most wonderful ecosystem full of birdlife. Beautiful surroundings where thousands of birds can be observed in their natural environment, visiting native communities like San Antonio (Perú) in the biggest island in the Amazon River known as Cacao Island, watching wildlife during treks into the jungle and visiting Taraporto Lakes to recognize the most amazing creatures playing and living in this natural paradise.


    Day 1

    6AM Breakfast at Hipilandia Eco Hostel. 

    7AM River shipment on motorboat at Leticia’s river port heading to Puerto Nariño. 

    9AM Arrival in Puerto Nariño. Head to the hotel. A group meeting will take place at 9:30 am with a representative from Tarapoto Amazonas Jungle Tours.

    10AM Walking tour in the nearby rainforest to get a first glance of the most wonderful ecosystem full of birdlife and all colors in regional flowers. 12PM Typical regional lunch based on fish, sweet yucca, plantain, regional vegetables and fruits.

    2PM Motorboat trip to Tarapoto Lakes to discover pink and grey dolphins’ natural environment and enjoy an unforgettable fishing afternoon, waiting for the sunset with this marvelous landscape view.

    7PM Dinner in Puerto Nariño.

    Day 2

    7AM Breakfast

    9AM Trekking into the jungle to discover more flora and fauna, specially birdlife and brown capuchin monkeys, also many different plants with medicinal properties.

    12PM Lunch.

    2PM River shipment at Loreto Yacu River on motorboat heading to Cacao Island, which is the largest island in the Amazon river, where the Peruvian San Antonio Indigenous village is located and beautiful salt licks.

    3PM Arrival in San Antonio village. A local guide will be waiting upon your arrival welcoming and introducing you to the rest of the community. Here you will enjoy a cultural exchange with wise people who have empowered themselves to create a real sustainable
    tourist system, where preservation of nature and wildlife is the most important activity locals and visitors do during tours. Planting and taking care of plants is part of our Plan Oxygen in The Amazon region. Visitors will be guided by local guides on a ‘planting a tree’ experience. All the information about plants and their caring will be provided by the local guide.

    7PM Dinner in the village. Amazon story tellers.


    Day 3

    7AM Enjoy breakfast at the village this morning before a four-hour guided jungle trek along the Cacao Island through the giant trees of the Amazon where hundreds of different species can be found all in their natural environment.

    12M Lunch in the village with our host family before trekking back into the jungle, to discover more flora and fauna. During the trek we are visiting different salt licks and lakes where other activities like fishing, canoeing and kayaking can be practiced by visitors. 

    4PM Setting the campsite to overnight. Once deep inside the inhospitable jungle of Cacao Island, you will enjoy setting the campsite guided by your local guide, where you will enjoy a night in hammock with mosquito net.  7PM Dinner. Amazon Story Tellers.

    8PM Take a night walk into the rainforest to see nocturnal wildlife. During this walk, the native guide will explain more about animal behavior such as tapir and red deer.

    Day 4

    7AM Breakfast in the middle of the jungle would be full of birds singing and howler monkeys jumping in the nearby trees.

    9AM We start walking back to San Antonio village. Once in the village we share some more moments with locals and enjoy a local dish for lunch before shipping back to Puerto Nariño.

    3PM Shipment back to Puerto Nariño where we will enjoy the last night of the trip. Visit ¨20 de Julio¨ Indigenous village to recognize some aspects that may be considered intangible cultural heritage from the Amazon Region.

    7PM Enjoy dinner in Puerto Nariño, local dishes will be part of the menu.
    Day 5 7AM Breakfast at the hotel.

    8AM Visit San Francisco Indigenous Village, where more intangible cultural heritage can be appreciated learning mother languages like Ticuna and Cocama, promoting a respectful and authentic experiences to visitors and locals.

    12M Typical lunch at Puerto Nariño, local dishes like Patarasca or Ceviche will be part of the menu.

    2PM Visit the wooden tower to have one last 360 degrees view of this natural paradise before shipping back to Leticia.
    3PM River shipment on motorboat back to Leticia.

    5PM Back in Leticia. Transfer in service to the hotel.

  • Important Notes

    Birding can be done at any time of the year, however it’s more frequent from May to December. 

    Weather forecast will be considered before birding activities to ensure successful visibility, due to the hard rains that are usual in the Amazon region.

    Contingency plans for birding are often wildlife spotting during hard rains. The local guide will lead the contingency activity depending on the season and weather conditions.

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